SFV Character Guide #4 – Sagat


In this guide we will look at the king, Sagat.


Sagat’s strengths

Sagat’s strength is that he has highly efficient projectiles.

However, because of how SFV is built, Sagat users need to be careful when throwing projectiles.

In this guide we will discuss throwing projectiles which may become a bit complex.

Using Tiger Shot

Sagat is a character that can theoretically fight with just projectiles. Characters that have highly efficient anti-projectile tools may not be able to react to the projectiles. In the mid-range Sagat can use s.MK to mix up with projectiles.

In Ryu’s guide there is a list of anti-projectile tools for all characters which also apply to Sagat. So take a look. 

  • HP Tiger Shot
    – The fastest projectile (outside of EX Tiger Shot)
    – Use when either player is trying to get some distance, when the opponent is pressing buttons at the midrange or trying to get in and when trying to limit or control the opponent’s space. 
    – The projectile is also great at cancelling out opponent projectiles
    – It’s plus on block so Sagat can use up close
  • HK Grand Tiger Shot
    – Hits crouching opponents (regular Tiger shots cannot hit crouching)
    – Because of that Sagat players should use Grand Tiger Shot predominately
    – Use in similar fashion to regular Tiger Shots
    – Can cancel from cr.MK
  • f.MK (kara cancel) LK Grand Tiger Shot
    – Sagat can cancel his f.MK and f.HK into a special move.
    – kara cancelling to uppercut is used for anti-airs and combos.
    – Can also use to limit the movement of your opponent on their wake up.
    – If the opponent does not have an attack that moves them forward efficiently, then Sagat can cancel into V-skill and can dash in for pressure.
  • EX Grand Tiger Shot
    – Use when the opponent is trying to close in and you want to create distance.
    – A basic string is s.LK > EX Tiger Shot. If s.LK hits it combos, and on block it’s only minus 2 and You’ve separated enough distance for s.MK 
    – If the opponent is in your face this string is pretty good.


Sagat’s Light Tiger Uppercut has airborne invincibility frames from frame 1 so use that as your anti-air. If Sagat did his V-Skill while doing his anti-air he can blow your opponent to the corner.
If the Light Tiger Uppercut can’t reach, use s.HK instead.

Close range

While Sagat has great projectiles, the trade off is that his other attacks and movement are slow. At close range Sagat is at disadvantage most of the time. But there are a few ways to create distance.

  • EX Grand Tiger Shot
    – Explained above. On block or hit it creates distance. It’s safe on block so you can use it whenever. The drawback is that it costs one bar.
  • s.MK
    – Sagat’s lifeline. It can’t convert into a combo but it beats most opponents’ low attacks.
  • EX Tiger Uppercut
    – Fully invincible from frame 1-10. Can use to forcibly attack back against a opponent rushing down on Sagat. On hit it creates a lot of distance. Obviously the drawback is that if the opponent blocks this you are going to eat a lot of damage.
  • Back throw > EX Tiger Knee
    – If the opponent uses quickrise and is crouching, the attack hits meaty. If they guard it’s -3, but given that the blockstun is quite long, punishing it requires timing.
  • VT2 (hold) > f.HK xx Tiger Uppercut
    – VT2 (hold) is a guard breaker and allows Sagat to do his high step kick kara cancel into uppercut right after.


Sagat’s BnBs involve ending in an attack that creates distance to start his fireball game again. Therefore for these combos, aim to use them in close range.

  • c.LK > c.LP > L. Tiger Knee 
    – A combo starting from a low attack. The fast startup from the light attacks and the ability to create distance makes this a valuable combo.
  • s.MP > c.MP > H. Tiger Knee
    – At close range the string a 4 frame frame trap. On hit you can hit confirm to H. Tiger Knee.
  • s.HK (Mid air hit) > f.HK kara cancel > L. Tiger Uppercut.
    – Sagat can use this as an anti-air and then follow up into the combo above. It takes some practice though so make sure to get it down.
  • EX Tiger Shot > EX Tiger Uppercut 
    2 guage combo. Used in the corner to connect. Use mostly for closing the round.

Closing remarks

Sagat’s main selling point is his powerful projectile game. This character is aimed towards players who really like to use projectiles. 

Also, players who hate the fireball game will jump and get hit Sagat’s uppercuts, similar to the Hadoken-Shoyruken style gameplay it really shows a players skills if they can do it well. Basically a player can feel their overall skill level in this game when they play Sagat.