SFV Character Guide #2 – Ryu

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【キャラ基礎攻略 第2回】リュウ – しょげイベ情報局っ!


Welcome to the second in the SFV tutorial series. This time we’ll be looking at the game’s main character, Ryu.

Ryu’s strengths

I believe Ryu’s strength is the ability to control the horizontal space with his Hadouken.

In SF3 and SF4 all characters had a simple anti-projectile tool (parry and focus attack). In SF5 however, characters have different tools to deal with projectiles. Some characters don’t have any tools at all! 

Therefore, the key to using Ryu is knowing how to use the fireball.


In general use the Hard Hadouken. The reason being that you cannot throw more than one fireball on the screen. As the Hard Hadoken is the fastest, it will leave the screen faster allowing you to throw fireballs at the fastest rate possible. Also the range you should be throwing H.Fireballs is close enough that they cannot react to it.

Fireball loses to jump ins. To counter that, when you would throw a fireball you instead input the Shoyruken (DP) command and not pressing a button. Doing this allows you to be alert to throwing too many fireballs and at the same time baiting and being alert to jump ins. As you gain the life lead, the opponent will try harder to get in on you, so you should increase this action.


Ryu has four main anti-airs. Use them on the situation.

  • Medium Shoyruken (Invincible to airborne attacks)
  • cr.HP (single button but short reach)
  • st.HK (Can only use when cr.HP would not reach, single button)
  • V- Skill (Loses to empty jumps, adds V-Gauge, beats crossups, single button)


As you play the neutral, aim to be around the range where cr.MP can hit. Use cr.MP, f.HP (solar plexus strike), H.Hadouken. Buffer fireball in your cr.MP. If f.HP lands you can easily confirm into a combo.

Using your meter

 Ryu is a strong combo character, meaning that a lot of his hits can confirm into combos and even into Critical Arts. His Critical Art, Shinku Hadoken, can be used in a variety of combos making Ryu strong. Therefore, your main gameplan should be to save your meter to use CA instead of using EX moves. And then you want to actively use combos that end with CA.

In regards to your V-Gauge, outside of finishing your opponent (eg. V-trigger cancel combos) use V-Reversals. Successful V-Reversals knockdown the opponent and creates distance. This also stops your opponent’s offensive pressure and allows you to start your own. 

Anti-Projectile Tools

Before I mentioned that each character has a different toolset to deal with fireballs (outside of simply neutral jumping). Let’s have a look at them.

  • Ryu: V-Skill
  • Ken: VT2
  • Chun Li: cr.MP, CA
  • Nash: V-Skill, EX Moonsault, CA, VT1
  • Vega (Dictator): V-Skill
  • Cammy: V-Skill
  • Birdie: Chain
  • Necalli: The Disc’s Guidance (Lunge Punch charge move)
  • Balrog (Claw): VT1, EX Crimson Terror (Rolling Attack)
  • R. Mika: HK(hold), cr.HK 
  • Rashid: V-Skill, EX Eagle Spike
  • Karin: EX Command Dash
  • Zangief: VT1, f.HP
  • Laura: EX Bolt charge
  • Dhalsim: N/A
  • F.A.N.G: EX Nikankyaku (EX Teleport)
  • Alex: EX Air Stampede (Air Stomp)
  • Guile: N/A
  • Ibuki: VT2, EX Raida
  • M. Bison: V-Skill
  • Juri: EX Axe kick
  • Urien: VT1
  • Akuma: V-Skill, Zanku hadouken
  • Kolin: EX Vanity Step
  • Ed: VT2
  • Abigail: b.HP
  • Menat: V-Skill
  • Zeku: Hozanto (shoulder, young), Bushin Gram Koku (old)
  • Sakura: N/A
  • Blanka: EX Rolling Attack
  • Falke: V-Skill, Psycho Kanonen (Crouch fireball)
  • G: V-Skill, Spin kick (EX, VT1, President lvl3)
  • Sagat: VT1


As previously mentioned, players usually should not use EX moves. Hence in this tutorial, I’ll be introducing combos that either use no bar or CA. 

  • (1) st.MP -> cr.MP -> Hadouken (->CA)
    – Hit confirming not required
    – If the opponent is standing you can use M or H Tatsu
  • (2) st.HK -> st.LK -> H.DP (->CA)
    – If the opponent is crouching the st.HK will not hit.
  • (3) (Must be up close) f.HP -> cr.HP -> H.DP (->CA)
    – Because the cr.HP has short reach, you must be up close.
    – If that happens, use f.HP -> cr.MP -> Hadouken (->CA)
  • (4) b.HK -> st.LK -> H.DP (-> CA)
    – The back hard kick is two hits so hit confirming this combo is easy.
    – Also because the attack has a long active frames, it is great as a meaty attack.

Closing remarks

Ryu’s neutral game is to make the opponent lose life little by little. Having the huge life lead as a result makes a strong strategy. On the other hand, if the opponent has the life lead Ryu has trouble turning that around. Slowly build meter and make a huge comeback with his Critical Art!