SFV:AE Under Diamond Event February 9th 2019

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In our last event we had 40 people attend! Thank you all for coming and thank you Red Bull Gaming Sphere for letting us borrow the space!

Now, on to the next one!

For those interested in joining the event for the first time, please read the information below.



【Date】February 9th (Saturday) 10:00AM – 6:00PM

※Exact times may differ depending circumstances. Please be advised.



09:00 Staff meeting

10:00 Doors open

16:30 Mini tournament start

18:00 Event finish

19:00 Complete clean up and leave facility


※The mini tournament format will depend on number of attendees. Please be advised.


Tournament Brackets

(Competitor names will be filled right before the start of the tournament.)




【Entry fee】


If you tweet with the hashtag「#しょげイベ」(must be in Japanese) and show the desk the entry fee then becomes 500円



Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo

Address: 〒164-0001 Tokyo, Nakano, 3 Chome−33−18 フェルテ中野 B1F


【Player Requirements】

1~13999 League Points or have the equivalent skill level.

※ People who do not fit the requirement are able to attend as a spectator. However they can not enter the tournament nor play at a gaming setup for extended periods of time.


【How to enter】

Please fill out the google form below.

This is to help us know how many people will attend so we can prepare enough setups.


SF5AE Under Diamond rank competition


【Livestream URL】

We’ll be using Youtube Live to stream one setup for the whole day as well as the tournament.




Depending on the PC we may also stream on twitch at the same time.

(It will be the same as the YouTube content)



【Important Notes】

We have controllers/fightsticks available but not enough for every setup. If possible please bring your own controller to ensure you can play anytime.

Information (such as names, photos and videos) will be released to the public via our blog and livestream footage. Please check beforehand if you have any concerns.

For more information we have a guide to our Syogepi Under Diamond Event.



【For any queries】

Twitter @Gameplay623

Gmail syogepixiv1@gmail.com